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Massage Services

Untwist the knots, relight the glow, and coax the weight of the world off your shoulders, back, hands, arms and legs. Each massage is customized using personal blends of pure flower and plant essences while incorporating Swedish, shiatsu, pressure point, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage and myofacial techniques.

Traditional Swedish
The perfect massage to melt away tension and combat stress. Long, rhythmic strokes are used to improve circulation and promote relaxation. The Swedish massage is perfect for tired, stressed bodies.

Deep Tissue
An intensive deep tissue massage, combined with acupressure and passive stretching of muscles and joints. Special blends of oils are prepared to penetrate deep into the skin to relieve chronic muscle pain and tension. The perfect massage for the athlete.

Pregnancy Massage 
Relief for the expectant mothers is available through this modality. There is a different setup to accommodate their pregnancy and enhance comfort. Strokes are similar to Swedish with care given to areas that may be of particular stress during the pregnancy. A safe and comfortable way to relieve stress and its effects upon mother and baby during pregnancy. This soothing treatment may be performed after the first trimester of pregnancy, for the relief of backaches, leg cramping, and general fatigue. A great gift for Mommy-to-be.
Please note: this may only be given after the first trimester ends and a doctor’s approval is required.

Chair Massage
Whether you’re with us for spa or salon services, make the most of your time here with a quick chair massage treatment or add on to any service of your choice. No change of clothes necessary. Your neck, back and shoulders will thank you.


Traditional Swedish Massage
  30 minutes
  60 minutes
  90 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage
Perfect for the athlete
  60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage
  60 minutes

Chair Massage
Perfect for a quick add-on treatment
  15 minutes





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