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Nail Services

Signature Mani / Signature Pedi  
This rejuvenating service includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles, personalized massage and customized exfoliation with specific products to revitalize and energize. The nails are then shaped, buffed and polished to perfection.

Spa Manicure / Spa Pedicure
Experience customized care for your hands and feet. This rejuvenating service includes proper maintenance and grooming of nails and cuticles. Personalized massage, customized exfoliation, paraffin dip and callous treatment. A necessary spa experience to bring your hands and feet back into balance.

DMK MediPedi
The DMK MediPedi is exceptional for the feet. It leaves the most rough, cracked and callused feet feeling smooth, soft and supple, DMK MediPedi puts a spring back in your step, with visible changes with just one treatment.

The DMK MediPedi gently, yet very effectively and efficiently dissolves away dry hardened crusty skin build up on the feet. It incorporates our unique Alkaline Wash solution, our Herbal Pigment Oil and our Calerase cream. These products work together to swell, dissolve and soften redundant cuticle build up and then return the skin to a normal pH level.

The DMK MediPedi is a professional treatment performed by DMK trained therapist.

Lasting Manicure
The colors are hypo-allergenic and formaldehyde, toluene or DBP free. The formula is thin and flexible and provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror like finish that resists dullness and chipping, even during the most rigorous activities. No soaking, drilling or filling is necessary. Perfect color for 2 weeks.

Men’s Executive Manicure
A must for the well groomed man. Rough cuticles are softened and tension is eased with an invigorating hand and lower arm massage. Nails are trimmed, shaped and buffed.

Eco-Friendly Paraffin Treatment
This concentrated paraffin treatment formula is 100% plant based with natural ingredients, nourishes and softens the skin with the combination of rich hydrating lotion and custom blended essential oils.  Excellent for dry and cracked skin, arthritis, aching muscles and joints.

Additional Nail Services
French Nail Polish Add-on
Polish Change Only


Eco-Friendly Paraffin Treatment
  (hands / feet)
Signature Manicure
Spa Manicure
Lasting Manicure
Men's Manicure
Signature Pedicure
Spa Pedicure
DMK MediPedi

Additional Nail Services
French Polish Add-On
Polish Change
  (hands / feet)

$15 / 20


$10 / 15

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